/me is now almost back

It’s been a while since I wrote, and some stuff have happened.

I’ve been at the LAN party I wrote about (more of that later).
I’ve passed the practical exam for CCNA 4 (just…).
I’ve become 20 (and gotten some money for a DSLR).
I’ve pass our wireless course. (just…).
My laptop have broken (again…) (bad HP, bad, bad HP).
I’ve started playing Chrono Trigger (on ZSNES @ school (on a Live CD linux dist with my HOME dir on a img file on my USB stick)).
I’ve been a Cybertown (a laser arena in Stockholm) (they have new weapons and equipment (ugly but otherwise nice)).

Ok then, here is how the LAN party went:

It started on Tuesday however I could not go until Friday afternoon since I had an exam.

The LAN started out great with my monitor getting dropped on the floor from about 1 meter, I tested it and although it had had a large drop it work without any problems.

I hooked up my PC and booted it, the biggest problem was my wireless head phones that picked up other peoples sound from time to time.

I sat with my friends and had a great time playing (amongst others) Unreal Tournament 2004, Age of Empires II, as well as some Risk II.

The obvious drink was of course Jolt (and lots of it!), one can’t survive a LAN party without Jolt.

That’s about it for the LAN party

Now I need some advice.

Which DSLR camera do you think I should save up for if you look at my gallery?

I like shots over a distance (at least I do now)

What I like about my K800i is that I always have a camera with me, I know that a DSLR is neither as small nor as light as my K800i, but I do want to be able to change the leans.

Price…. Well, I do not have the money nor do I want to buy an Hasselblad DSLR with about 39 megapixles. other than that you may give advice for any DSLR you might think will suit me regardless of price.


/Stoy – Nobody of the resistance

I’m Swedish, don’t expect that will spell everything perfect!
However if you see a spelling error, please post a polite comment about it, and I will see what I can do about it.

If you want to chat with me I’m usually in #101010 @ irc://irc.chat4all.org during the evenings (now during x-mas I will be online far more than that… (probably from about 10:00 to about 23:30 – 00:30)) in Sweden (GMT +1)
Just highlight me and wait, If I’m there I usually respond in 1-2 hours! (During the day it might take longer for me to notice if you highlight me)

If you have an IRC client installed and properly configured entering this irc://irc.chat4all.org/101010 into the address bar of your browser should get you to my channel.


~ by Stoy on 14 December 2007.

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