IRC, DSLRs and X-mas

IRC, DSLRs and X-mas, what kind of madness have I now got in store for you dear reader? Oh, if you only knew…

It’s a good thing you don’t since then you would not read it, since you would already have read it and you would not need to read it again…

First things first: IRC

Old IRC news:
I have registered the channel #101010 (if you know binary you will know why I picked that channel name) @ irc://

New IRC news:

Since not anybody new got to the channel #101010 @ irc:// I have registered the channel #101010 here at irc:// so now you join either one and say hi.

Just to clarify things I have registered BOTH the following channels:

#101010 on irc://
#101010 on irc:// (EDIT: No longer used!)


Now: DSLRs:

I’m now almost at my goal of being able to purchase a Canon EOS 400 (with a lens (some standard….), memory card and a nice bag for it) or a DSLR similar to it.

The Canon EOS 400 with lens kit is about 7000 SEK (SwEdish Krona(SvEnsk Krona)) but that is without a memory card or bag. I have said that I won’t buy any DSLR without buying those at the same time.


Now: X-mas

Things I got:

Some China
“The Slade Box”, A CD box with Slade containing 4 CDs and a book
“Slade Alive”, A DVD review
Some money to save up for the DSLR I will buy.
Slippers, very nice, however I won’t throw away my old ones yet, they are perfect to bring to LAN parties (If I remember them…)
A Cook book


That all for me now!

Just don’t forget to join my IRC channels and say hi!



~ by Stoy on 26 December 2007.

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