Laptop up and running (this is not a joke)

WAIT! There is no reason to run away! The laptop is not really running around, it’s now working!

Those of you who know of my troubles with my lappy can skip the next part.

Part 1:

History of lappy:

I bought a laptop from HP two years ago, but after about 2 months it just stopped working, so I sent it to the repairshop, were it remained fro about 3 months after which I called and (to all of you readers from the Customers suck forum, I didn’t mean an SC, but since I needed it for my education and I hope you are able to forgive me) tried talking to them, however they only gave me vague ideas of what they was doing with it, so I lost my temper for a bit and yelled at them, HOWEVER I did NOT insult them!

A couple of weeks later I found out I were to get a new laptop from HP, I got one with bigger HDD better CPU and M$ XP MCE2006 (the first laptop had XP home).

After some months the power button broke, so I sent it in again, and got it back within a couple of weeks.

End of Part 1

Part 2:

This time I think it was the GPU that broke,but before that the WLAN card stopped working (windows didn’t see it any more, but I was able to use the RJ-45 port @ school so I was able to use teh interspherewebtubes.

And now it’s back and working, and I’m FTP-ing over my Music and my pictures to it (XAMPP <3)


~ by Stoy on 21 January 2008.

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