The update from the LAN

(NIC = Network Interface Card)
(VLAN = Virtual Local Area Network)
(UT2k4 = Unreal Tournament 2004)

Here it is, teh mighty update from the really mighty LAN!

When I got home from school during Friday, I had already packed my PC and I just had to pack my backpack full of clothes, get my sleepingbag and pack some more stuff.

When I got to the LAN and tried to set up my NIC with the correct IP, however it didn’t work, Windows still claimed that the IP was already in use, even when we tried an IP my friend couldn’t ping it didn’t work…
After a litle while I got a couple of people from staff to help me, they could not get it to work either, but then one of them thought of something, what it the switchport I tried to user was on a different VLAN?
After fiddeling with the settings it worked! (not I did not fiddle with the switch, staff did)

Oh wow, so now I’m connected, what to do, what do to? well first of all, I fire up DC++ and check out the DC hub unfortunatly this lan there was barely 4 Terrabyte shared, on the previous LANs there have been at least 12 TB shared, oh well, at least I got hold of thw wounderful swedish comedy TV series “Kenny Starfighter”, and me and my friends watch and loled it through the night between Satutrday and sunday. I now have it on my USB disk so I can show people were I go.

The UT2k4 Turnament did not go as well as it could have, it wasn’t bad, but it lacked structure…
The probmen with it was that we did not join the tournament as a team, but as individuales, and when the mastch was started we joines either the RED or the Blue team, the problem was that we (me an my friends that I sat with) are quite inexperienced (spelling?) while the other ones have been playing almost constantly sice the game came out in ’04

It we3 had planned it better, it would have been better.

That basicly it.


~ by Stoy on 03 March 2008.

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