Give Blood


I have got another letter telling me that my blood is wanted! So on one of the next couple of days I’ll go to the hospital and give some of my blood.

I like giving blood. You get to lay like a lazy slob on a bed while cute nurses come and ask you if you want some juice or something. The only things I dislike about giving blood is:

1: the slight pain when the needle is put in or pulled out.
2: that your hand gets quite cold during the procedure.

That the only thing I don’t like about it, but when I think about the patient who needs my blood, I have no problem with coping with the pain.

Unfortunately that is an EXTREME shortage of blood in Sweden right now, only about 3-4% of all people in Sweden give blood. However I can guarantee that they expect blood to be in stock when they need it.

I don’t want anybody to be able to say that I’ve not done what I can to help.

My bloodgroup is 0+ which means I can give to almost anybody in Sweden, when I learned I was 0+ I got very happy, that means that I’ll be able to help many persons.

Now if you are a Swede who don’t give blood, please reconsider!

Think about it, what could be better than helping people by being lazy on a bed while you have cute nurses offering you juice/water?


I know what better!

Helping people by being lazy on a bed while you have cute nurses offering you juice/water AND after you are done, you get a PRESENT that YOU choose!

See you at the hospital!


~ by Stoy on 13 March 2008.

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