Steampunk, IRC and school stuff

Yet another diabolical entry?

Well, well, well, you’ll just have to read it to find out…. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You cannot resist! I have power over you! I can wright anything and you just have to read it!


Now then, what to write, what to write?

Oh yes! Steampunk!

I have have recently started listening to the tag “Steampunk” on, I then found the band “Unextraordinary Gentlemen” (spelling?). They are awsomesauce. They have a very special sound (imo), I can’t describe it, but it owns. The first song with them that I got hold of was this one: [link]

try it!

Now then, IRC!

Come on people!

IRC is not difficult, nor is it hard to use, just give it a chance! Try it for a month, then if you don’t like it I won’t blame you, at least you tried.

Now which channel should you join if you want to chat with me?

Well there is one (actually three, but if you want the other channels (one is on Quakenet) just send men a mail and I’ll tell you the channels) the first one is

It’s on irc://
It’s the “official” channel for [link]

I’m one of the Ops in there, so if you like what my art or my Journal entries or just want someone to chat with, com by and drop me a line.

Read below for more info about when I’ll be in the channel


Now some school stuff

I have about 1,5 months left of school, and then I’ll be out and ready for a real job.
However I have some tests still unfinished and I’ll have to tend to them before I can do all the fun stuff I like.

That mens if yo try to rech me on IRC it’s not all to probable that I’ll be there, but during the evening today, I’ll be online, just don’t know when… (BTW: don’t forget that I’m in GMT+1 timezone)


Hope to see you on IRC!



~ by Stoy on 11 April 2008.

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