Well what is UE?

UE is an acronym that stands for “Urban Exploration”.

Basically it means exploring the urban parts in and around cities.

However, the meaning has shifted to being more about exploring old/abandoned buildings. I have been part of 2 urban explorations involving old/abandoned buildings. But many more explorations have been standard getting to know the city, and know-were-to-go walks by myself.

I really like old/abandoned buildings/areas (especially old military buildings/areas) but I’ve never been to a “real” one, I’ve been to a lot of old/disused bunkers around Stockholm, however many of them are now days locked. When I say I’ve never been on an exploration in a military area, that’s not exactly true. You see there was one time… one time when I and two of my friends when in and explored an old military barrack. What we found inside was some floppy disks with drivers for a Scanner from Logitech, a LOT of old cases for electric screwdrivers, a few spray paint cans, a dead bird, a hole in the floor and a weird sign on a door which said that the room behind it was rented out. Well the room might a some point have been rented out but not any more, there were HUGE boulders infront of every door, and every door was welded shut as well. I won’t say how we got in.

Now then, this is all old news, so why am I telling you about it?

I just wanted to write some stuff and share some links.

Raiting 5/5 (for Sweds, 4/5 for everyone else)

This site is amazing (if you are a swede) it will give you JUST enough information about the different objects to awaken an eagerness to get your ass off the chair in front of the computer go out and try to find them.

Raiting 6/5

This site, it’s just so awesome! Wonderful photographs, very good reports, good crowed that posts funny and interesting comments about almost all photos

Raiting 4/5

This site is BIG! They have a huge number of members from all over the world, however do not expect that every report and photo will be good, some really are, but mostly average. (NOTE: I only have limited access to this site since I’m not a Full Member, please concider this before starting to bash me about this small review) The one thing that make this site get a 4 instead of a 3 is it’s huge database.

Raiting 4,5/5

This site is a bit funnier that most, however it is quite concentrated to Scotland, some explorations in other countries. NOTE to be able to view the pictures I have to be registered and logged in.

I have more links, but these a the best.

Now I need to explore the sleeping comfort of my own bed, Good Night everybody!


~ by Stoy on 21 May 2008.

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