The end is nigh!

For me at least.

Oh, wait! Let me clarify that!

My time at Nackademin KY (my school were I take network classes) has come to an end, I think I have passed every course and Just need to show some papers as proof that I have completed two big part of my education, after that I should be all set.

Now the big job market awaits!

I have no IGs (grade IG = Fail) on any of my school grades. I have no courses missing either.

Now what kid of job should I look for?

My dream job (ATM) is would be working for the SFV (Statens Fastighets Verk) as some sort of documentation guy, who travels around and documents all of SFVs estates/buildings both in and outside of Sweden.

As you probably have noticed I have started to enjoy photographing more and more, but there is another reason why I say I want to work for the SFV.

They use Linux and a lot of open source, and since I have started to enjoy using Linux and it’s possibilities more and more, as well as having claimed that when I got my new DSLR I would switch to Linux, I have to start using Linux daily.

When I have saved enough money I will by a new computer, on which I hope to be able to run Linux on exclusively.

There is a problem though….

Which Linux distribution should I use?

I’m shilly-shallying between three:

Gentoo <—– quite advanced for a general user like me, however, if I get it going it will prove to be the fastest and most stable of the lot, and that is because it compiles everything for the computer on which it will be installed.

Ubuntu <—— the most well known Linux distro, very easy to work with, a lot of software is ready to be installed. nVidia drivers is ready to be used. This distro just works.

Debian <—— one of the most well known distros of all, not as smooth to begin with as Ubuntu, but uses the same packet manager: apt (which I love). Not as much software from the start as Ubuntu but much less branding. This distro is a plain workhorse that’s quite easy to set up, not as flashy as Ubuntu though….

So which one do you think I should use?


~ by Stoy on 06 June 2008.

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