WOWs and WOEs

WOW, HDR is fun.
WOE, My camera broke a bit, and have been away for service for a couple of days now.
WOW, Yesterday I checked with the workshop that is servicing my camera, it is will soon be back!
WOE, Unemployment suck, so fucking boring!
WOW, Pork chops and onions owns!
WOE, The same can’t be said about BBQed rice
WOW, Our cat is back
WOE, after being lost for two days, with one leg severely damaged (the knee was ripped out of it’s socket (no blood))
WOW, however it seams that she won’t need surgery…

That all WOWs and WOEs for the moment!


~ by Stoy on 06 September 2008.

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