It is that time of the year again, I pay 150 SEK to sit by my computer in a school for four days/nights, in other words time for a LAN PARTY!


To meet and frag friends.(Oh and it could be because the lan has a DC hub from which you get crazy speeds, though that might be a coincidence….)


In Fredrika Bremer Gymnasiet in Haninge south of Stockholm.

Were to book?

On the web.

What is the address?

[link] (Swedish….)

How much does it cost?

150 SEK


What to bring to a LAN party:

1. Computer
2. Monitor
3. Keyboard
4. Mouse
5. Headset (No you may not bring your 1000W super mega speakers… sry)
6. Power cords
7. Monitor power cord
8. VGA/DVI Cable
9. Jolt cola (you can buy Jolt on the lan site for 5 SEK/33 cl can)
10. Sleeping bag
11. Toothbrush
12. Toothpaste
13. Extra clothes
14. Slippers
15. Install CDS/DVDS (in case of a reinstall)
16. Driver CDS/DVDS (in case of a reinstall)
17. Linux Live CD/DVD/USB key (if you need to rescue data before reinstalling)
18. Large USB key/HDD (so that you can put the data you want to rescue before reinstalling)
19. Network cable (cat-5/5e/6)
20. Money
21. Bags
22. Game CDs/DVDs

ALL of these things are ESSENTIAL! ESPECIALLY 1 – 8, 19 – 21

So now that you a ready for a lan party, what should you do AT the lan party?

1. Chat (both online and offline) with friends
2. Frag the shit out of friends
3. Surf the internet
4. Play console games you don’t have at home
5. Go out and eat fast food (once or twice per day/night)
6. Maybe make a movie (if you have brought a DV camcorder)
7. Lots of more stuff

Well, the next time you’ll here from me I’ll be at the LAN party


~ by Stoy on 28 October 2008.

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