I have become active at a museumrailway, erlier this month I passed the lowest safety requirement to be a ticket salesman/inspector or what is knows as a brakeman ( a person who manually brakes a train that lacks enough brakes to stop using just the brakes of the locomotive).

I became active last year as what is known as a TB – TågBiträde, that is a job that anyone can do without any special safety training. A TB helps loading and unloading of  “travelgoods” like bikes, baby carriages and some times large bags. We put all that stuff in a boxcar with a note saying to which station it should be going to. A TBs duties also includes changings signs on the train, destinations signs and “end signs”. The end signs MUST be put on the last car BEFORE departure, the reason is that a stationmaster can not report a trains arrival before having seen the end sign on the last car, if there is no end sign on the last car of the train when arriving to a station, there is a possibility that one or more cars might have got loose and may be on the track between the stations. There is one more duty for the TBs to do, and that is to sweep the floor of the traincars, not fun but needed.


~ by Stoy on 24 March 2009.

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