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It is that time of the year again, I pay 150 SEK to sit by my computer in a school for four days/nights, in other words time for a LAN PARTY!


To meet and frag friends.(Oh and it could be because the lan has a DC hub from which you get crazy speeds, though that might be a coincidence….)


In Fredrika Bremer Gymnasiet in Haninge south of Stockholm.

Were to book?

On the web.

What is the address?

[link] (Swedish….)

How much does it cost?

150 SEK


What to bring to a LAN party:

1. Computer
2. Monitor
3. Keyboard
4. Mouse
5. Headset (No you may not bring your 1000W super mega speakers… sry)
6. Power cords
7. Monitor power cord
8. VGA/DVI Cable
9. Jolt cola (you can buy Jolt on the lan site for 5 SEK/33 cl can)
10. Sleeping bag
11. Toothbrush
12. Toothpaste
13. Extra clothes
14. Slippers
15. Install CDS/DVDS (in case of a reinstall)
16. Driver CDS/DVDS (in case of a reinstall)
17. Linux Live CD/DVD/USB key (if you need to rescue data before reinstalling)
18. Large USB key/HDD (so that you can put the data you want to rescue before reinstalling)
19. Network cable (cat-5/5e/6)
20. Money
21. Bags
22. Game CDs/DVDs

ALL of these things are ESSENTIAL! ESPECIALLY 1 – 8, 19 – 21

So now that you a ready for a lan party, what should you do AT the lan party?

1. Chat (both online and offline) with friends
2. Frag the shit out of friends
3. Surf the internet
4. Play console games you don’t have at home
5. Go out and eat fast food (once or twice per day/night)
6. Maybe make a movie (if you have brought a DV camcorder)
7. Lots of more stuff

Well, the next time you’ll here from me I’ll be at the LAN party


WOWs and WOEs

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WOW, HDR is fun.
WOE, My camera broke a bit, and have been away for service for a couple of days now.
WOW, Yesterday I checked with the workshop that is servicing my camera, it is will soon be back!
WOE, Unemployment suck, so fucking boring!
WOW, Pork chops and onions owns!
WOE, The same can’t be said about BBQed rice
WOW, Our cat is back
WOE, after being lost for two days, with one leg severely damaged (the knee was ripped out of it’s socket (no blood))
WOW, however it seams that she won’t need surgery…

That all WOWs and WOEs for the moment!

Hello from Gotland

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Hello… Any one still here? I have not died yet, you can open the coffin now! Hello….

Fuck, I knew I should have Updated my blog before I went away!

Hey you! Yes you who are seeing this right now! Open up or I won’t tell you what I’ve been up to!




Come on, PLEASE!!!!!!

Fine, I’ll tell you before you let me out:

The main reason of my absence is the fact that I’m not at home right now, I’m on the island of Gotland, and have been that for the last few days. Today is the first time I’ve found reliable W-LAN and been able to be online for more than a couple of minutes at a time.

Since you probably have checked Wikipedia about Gotland you already know more about it than I can tell you about it. For those of you who haven’t checked Wikipedia Gotland is a Swedish island on the Baltic. You can got here by Boat/Ferry or by plane.

I have been travelling across this big island with my parents, we have been here for 5 nights already. We have spent the nights at various hotels and hostels, right now it’s in the middle of the night and I’m sitting in an old bunker which have been converted to a nice hotel.

I have visited an old abandoned water filled quarry in which a nice looking girl dove into (from about 3-5 meters above the surface). I have also been at some old defense bunkers ( other than the hotel I’m staying at now). I have been to more places but can’t write down them all, just hang tight and wait for teh pics!

Now let me out, and let me sleep!


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What the hell is that?

SUUS is a clubthingey that I have founded.

SUUS is an acronym meaning “Stockholms Urbana Upptäckar Sällskap” which translates to “The Urban Exploration Society of Stockholm”

So far we have two members. If you like old/abandoned buildings or just the city itself, they please send me an email with an application containing answers to the following questions:

1. Name (We don’t need your full name)
2. Age
3. Nickname
4. Interests
5. Why we should let you join
6. Dates when we could meet IRL in order to see who you are.

Please note that all questions should be answered in Swedish.

Check out our website from time to time: [link] (Observe: it is only in Swedish)

That’s all for now folks!

The end is nigh!

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For me at least.

Oh, wait! Let me clarify that!

My time at Nackademin KY (my school were I take network classes) has come to an end, I think I have passed every course and Just need to show some papers as proof that I have completed two big part of my education, after that I should be all set.

Now the big job market awaits!

I have no IGs (grade IG = Fail) on any of my school grades. I have no courses missing either.

Now what kid of job should I look for?

My dream job (ATM) is would be working for the SFV (Statens Fastighets Verk) as some sort of documentation guy, who travels around and documents all of SFVs estates/buildings both in and outside of Sweden.

As you probably have noticed I have started to enjoy photographing more and more, but there is another reason why I say I want to work for the SFV.

They use Linux and a lot of open source, and since I have started to enjoy using Linux and it’s possibilities more and more, as well as having claimed that when I got my new DSLR I would switch to Linux, I have to start using Linux daily.

When I have saved enough money I will by a new computer, on which I hope to be able to run Linux on exclusively.

There is a problem though….

Which Linux distribution should I use?

I’m shilly-shallying between three:

Gentoo <—– quite advanced for a general user like me, however, if I get it going it will prove to be the fastest and most stable of the lot, and that is because it compiles everything for the computer on which it will be installed.

Ubuntu <—— the most well known Linux distro, very easy to work with, a lot of software is ready to be installed. nVidia drivers is ready to be used. This distro just works.

Debian <—— one of the most well known distros of all, not as smooth to begin with as Ubuntu, but uses the same packet manager: apt (which I love). Not as much software from the start as Ubuntu but much less branding. This distro is a plain workhorse that’s quite easy to set up, not as flashy as Ubuntu though….

So which one do you think I should use?

Vem vakar över övervakarna?

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Sorry guys, this only in Swedish, I cant find the correct words for what I’m about to write here in English. Next time though!

Sverige är nära att göra ett YTTERST STORT misstag!

Riksdagen har lämnat en motion till regeringen, om den antas kommer den att legalisera Försvarets Radio Anstalts avlyssning av Internet/E-post/Telefoni/SMS. Inte nog med att de avlyssnar dessa medier i dags läget, med den nya motionen kommer de kunna expandera sin avlyssning.

Men nu ska vi ta det lugnt, vad exakt håller på att hända?

Här är lite länkar till information om vad som håller på att hända just nu:

[link] <——- Motionen ifråga

[link] <—- Sammanfattning av motionen och hur den kommer påverka samhället i dagsläget (läs alla delar i artikelserien)

[link] <—- Artikel på SR.se

[link] <—– tråd på flashback som jag skrivit i

Jag kommer att gå och demonstrera på Lördag vid Medborgarplatsen i Stockholm (kolla bloggen jag länkade till för mer info) kan man räkna med att se någon annan härifrån där?

Vänligen koll med rättelser ang stavning och innehåll om ni tycker jag missat något!

Kom ihåg att alltid ställa dessa frågor när nya övervakningslagar ska antas:

1. Vem vakar över övervakarna?
2. Vad händer sen, efter att lagen antagits?
3. Hur kan man riva upp beslutet/lagen? (Vad som behövs är ett beslut om en metod som beskriver hur man river upp beslut)


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Well what is UE?

UE is an acronym that stands for “Urban Exploration”.

Basically it means exploring the urban parts in and around cities.

However, the meaning has shifted to being more about exploring old/abandoned buildings. I have been part of 2 urban explorations involving old/abandoned buildings. But many more explorations have been standard getting to know the city, and know-were-to-go walks by myself.

I really like old/abandoned buildings/areas (especially old military buildings/areas) but I’ve never been to a “real” one, I’ve been to a lot of old/disused bunkers around Stockholm, however many of them are now days locked. When I say I’ve never been on an exploration in a military area, that’s not exactly true. You see there was one time… one time when I and two of my friends when in and explored an old military barrack. What we found inside was some floppy disks with drivers for a Scanner from Logitech, a LOT of old cases for electric screwdrivers, a few spray paint cans, a dead bird, a hole in the floor and a weird sign on a door which said that the room behind it was rented out. Well the room might a some point have been rented out but not any more, there were HUGE boulders infront of every door, and every door was welded shut as well. I won’t say how we got in.

Now then, this is all old news, so why am I telling you about it?

I just wanted to write some stuff and share some links.

Raiting 5/5 (for Sweds, 4/5 for everyone else)

This site is amazing (if you are a swede) it will give you JUST enough information about the different objects to awaken an eagerness to get your ass off the chair in front of the computer go out and try to find them.

Raiting 6/5

This site, it’s just so awesome! Wonderful photographs, very good reports, good crowed that posts funny and interesting comments about almost all photos

Raiting 4/5

This site is BIG! They have a huge number of members from all over the world, however do not expect that every report and photo will be good, some really are, but mostly average. (NOTE: I only have limited access to this site since I’m not a Full Member, please concider this before starting to bash me about this small review) The one thing that make this site get a 4 instead of a 3 is it’s huge database.

Raiting 4,5/5

This site is a bit funnier that most, however it is quite concentrated to Scotland, some explorations in other countries. NOTE to be able to view the pictures I have to be registered and logged in.

I have more links, but these a the best.

Now I need to explore the sleeping comfort of my own bed, Good Night everybody!